Cheesy Mac

I was all set to roll with a horsepower post today… but then my tweet stream started to fill with… (Oh no! I forgot!!) CheesyMac!

Here’s the quickest-ever batch of Mac&Cheese that I have every whipped up!

When you’re wanting a tasty, quick snack
that won’t line your washing up rack,
grab some pasta and cheese,
cause they’re sure to appease,
when hunger pangs plead cheesy mac!

© Kathryn Apel 2017  (All rights reserved)

Why are we all writing macaroni cheese poems, you ask? Good question! I do remember mention of it some weeks ago during Poetry Friday – something to do with National Macaroni & Cheese Day – which we likely aren’t celebrating in Australia… 🙂 BUT… I got a new poem… and my post for NEXT Friday is all-but finished. So I think that means I’m ahead.

Alas, I don’t have plans for Mac&Cheese for tea… though I’m tempted.

Go tempt your tastebuds with cheese treats and more at Tabatha’s blog, where I promise you won’t be indifferent.


  1. I’m now looking at all these mac and cheese posts through Australian eyes…and shaking my head. We Americans are a weird bunch, aren’t we? But ever entertaining, whether with our odd food choices or our…

    No. Stop now. Not going there. But you know which cheesehead I’m talking about…

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  2. Kat, your quick mac n’ cheese limerick is very catchy and sure to appease your hungry household. You even are ready for next week-that is what I call thinking ahead or should I say “poeting” ahead!

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  3. I did the same thing – I actually had a post all ready to go, only to spot all the cheese-themed poems coming up in my feed! I don’t know if it’s National Macaroni and Cheese day here either, but as a cheese lover I’m more than happy to join the celebrations!

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    • It may just be me/us who call it cheesy mac, Heidi. And it’s also possible that I call it ‘chacaroni meese’ – mayhaps even more often than cheesy mac. It’s an ‘easy meal’ here – but I don’t think people would rhapsodise over it quite like you guys seem to. 🙂 Sadly, my hubby has always had an aversion to it (not just my recipe!) – so we don’t eat it enough.


  4. What a lot of fun this cheesy week of #PoetryFriday was. Thanks for all the comments. I had some giggles, doing the rounds and reading the different posts. Y’all do love your macaroni cheese!


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