Seasonal Rewind

For Poetry Friday, I’m revisiting a post from 2015. My week in Melbourne has had me thinking a lot about Autumn. We only have two seasons where I live in Queensland; Summer and Winter – and for a few weeks they wrangle back and forth; summer/winter/hot/cold…

But Melbourne… It was all gorgeous warm tones, brisk breezes and crunchy Autumn delights. All those photos of bare branches and golden mounds of leaves that fill Instagram have taken on a whole new meaning, and lovely sensory sentimentality… since Melbourne!

At the release of Lorraine Marwood’s poetry collection, ‘Celebrating Australia’ we were challenged to write a poem using Lorraine’s seasonal poem, ‘Autumn’ as the mentor text.


Autumn is loud crushing sounds
a foot scuffing rap-tapping shuffle.
One day a light dusting
of pathway obstruction
by week’s end a whole mound
of slip, slide, crunch, crackle. 
<read the full poem here>

© Lorraine Marwood

I wrote about our switchy-changy summer-winter Queensland Autumn.

A Queensland Autumn

Autumn is ummmm … undecided;
a clinking of coat hangers shuffled.
One day huffing and hissing
of sunshine’s sizzle,
by week’s end a leafy pom-pom pizzazz
of swish, sway, rah-rah rustling.

Autumn is heat-haze blown away.
a shuffling of summer winter outlooks.
One day a brilliance; searing sharp contrast
of sun-baked vibrance,
by week’s end a festive carnival crowd
of mismatched, multi-hued, musty winter woolies.

© Kathryn Apel

It didn’t really turn out how I’d like, and I’d thought to write anotherie (better one) this week, snap-shotting the Melbourne leaves. But… I can’t like it either! I think I just need to let the words write the poem – not the structure. (I’ll have to come back to it.)

Thank-you Mary Lee for collecting our Poetry Friday links at A Year of Reading. You can read more about Lorraine’s poetry collection here – and mayhaps be inspired to write your own seasonal poem. Alas, Autumn is now huddled in a rustic orange blanket fringed with silver. Winter wind has whisked the warmth away!


  1. PS If anyone is interested in reading the Chapter/MG/YA notes from KidLitVic (following on from last week’s Illustration/PB notes), you’ll find them on the previous blog post.


  2. No matter how much I know with my left brain that your seasons are opposite ours, my right brain just can’t comprehend that you’re beginning to bundle up while we’re on the brink of roasting!

    GORGEOUS pictures! Glad you got to enjoy autumn.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know exactly what you’re thinking/saying/feeling, Mary Lee. I feel it often!!! 😛 And I am so in love with my autumn pics and memories!! So glad lovely friends went out of their way to ensure I experienced them. 🙂


  3. I guess I thought that if you had seasons, it would be all four. Fascinating, & while we’re having our first heat wave this weekend, and I love the “idea” of summer, autumn is still the favorite. I like the first poem and the finale, “whole Monet mosaic”. And in your poem, I love that “a clinking of coat hangers shuffled.” So right as to what’s happening here now. We had snow just a few weeks ago! Thanks, Kat!

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  4. Beautiful! You brought forth memories of our “shoe basket” by the door with new school shoes AND summer sandals overflowing with our ummmmmmmmmmms. Thank you for the glimpse into your world.


  5. I’ve never have experienced autumn and yet it’s one of those season’s i love. Your first poem is the autumn i’m used to reading about, the one you wrote was unique picture of. Both poems though make it so alive and i love how there is sound and movement on both.


  6. Autumn is definitely my favorite of the seasons–and I’m glad Indiana has crisp cool days and loads of crunchy, colorful leaves. However, our spring this year is as full of extremes as your description of autumn in Queensland. The weather just can’t seem to make up its mind!

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  7. Thank you for sharing these lovely reminders of my favorite season. “Autumn is heat-haze blown away” is exactly right. This format looks like fun, too. Isn’t it frustrating when your poem doesn’t come together then way you thought it would? Letting “the words write the poem – not the structure” is wise advice!


    • It took me ages to get into the rhythm of writing a sonnet. I think it’s a bit like me with this format. My poems keep wanting to go in different directions. 😛 #rulebreaker


  8. Such a wonderful lot of SOUNDS in your poem, Kat! A mouthful of Australian autumn. Thanks for sharing what your seasons are like. (I grew up in a college town where they would set off a cannon every time the team scored a touchdown, so that is one of the sounds I associated with autumn! Haven’t heard that since I left…)


  9. Ah, reminders of the autumn leaves crunching under my feet is such a delightful thought Kat. I do like the first stanza of your poem and the photos are memorable snapshots for my mind. I am gathering spring poems and photos for my spring gallery while you are experiencing autumn-how different.


  10. I’ve never lived anywhere that didn’t have 4 seasons. I’m sure I’d miss both spring and autumn if I did.
    Thanks for sharing the poems. I especially like the phrase “clinking of coat hangers.”
    Terrific photos!


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