All the Busy – and Beautiful!

Life. Is. Busy. #thatisall

Quickest Poetry Friday post ever, coming right at you!

Last week (when I was so busy releasing ‘Too Many Friends’ into the wide, wonderful world) I missed Poetry Friday. But I popped in for a guest post on Be a Fun Mum, Kelly’s blog, with a tutorial on Recycled poetry – specific to Mothers’ Day. Yes, that is this Sunday in Australia. But don’t panic – you are not too late! Click across to Kel’s blog and you can create a gift from the heart for your Mum’s day that is sweeter than chocolates and twice as nice! (I have a couple of different examples there – including another personal favourite, ‘Paradise’.)

In the middle of the busy, I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to stop, and smell the flowers, with thanks to this posy of poetry in the post, beautifully written and illustrated by Avery. What a delight it was to see the pretty petals and smell the the beautiful taste of wind. Thank-you so much to Avery for brightening my week, as a part of the Silver Star Poetry Project

Another bright spot in my mid-week mail was Irene Latham‘s poetry picture book, ‘When the Sun Shines on Antarctica’.

Gorgeous, right? I can tell you for a fact, it is even more beautiful in real life than it is on the interwebs. And it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

The wordplay is exquisite throughout the book; Irene has a delightfully different way of looking at things, and the poetry has the lightest, joyful feel – yet is grounded (but in no way heavy) in facts. When life is a little less busy, I would love to come back to this, and have a chat with Irene, about poetry, penguins and things…  Meantime, you can of course read more about Irene on her very busy and creative blog; Live Your Poem.

For now, with Irene’s permission, I share my personal favourite poem from the book – because who can go past Adélie love…


But that is all for now!

What more could you want, really…?

More poetry? You’ll find that (& more sweet love) on Tara’s blog, A Teaching Life – with a lovely art piece to accompany it.



  1. I love seeing the poem from Avery, “somebody, please create it” is our mantra here when spring begins to arrive. And Irene’s book is wonderful, I agree. Have a lovely weekend and Mother’s Day, Kat.


  2. Love your recycled poetry idea! Super idea for mom. Irene’s poem reminds me of Planet Earth II — I love seeing how the penguins find each other, in the middle of thousands of other penguins! Year after year…
    Happy Mother’s Day, Kat!


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