Too Many Friends – Book Trailer

On Monday, my new verse novel is released – so this past week I’ve been busily behind the scenes doing things for that. And the ‘thing’ that took the most time, was the book trailer. After two full days of staring at my screen (Did someone say perfectionist…?) I am almost at the stage of needing glasses to see through my (new) glasses…

BUT… I have a book trailer!

Do you want to SEE it???

(Correct answer is YES! Because want to share it with you!)


My lovely editor Kristy had the idea for the gorgeous chapter headers (there are more!) throughout the book, and the amazing Jo Hunt excelled herself, going above and beyond anything Kristy and I had even dared to dream. Let this be my very heartfelt thank-you to you both! Aside from looking gorgeous in the book, they made my job with the trailer so much easier! (Or was it harder, deciding which images to use…?)

‘Too Many Friends’ goes on sale Monday, 1st May, but I heard from a teacher-librarian friend yesterday, who had attended a Professional Development in Melbourne, where it was ‘highly recommended’ by The Kids’ Bookshop. Kim bought a copy and read it last night, and her feedback was beautiful;

Such a gift for observing & capturing children’s thoughts/ feelings with yr exquisite use of words So much goodness in this book!😍 (@kimyeo)

Poetry Friday this week is being hosted on Teaching Authors, so be sure to skip across and collect the links and be inspired by all the wonderful ways you too can play with words in poetry. A special thank-you to Heidi Mordhorst and her creative class, who last week inspired me with their poems for two voices, which prompted another poem for my Antarctic WIP. (That’s a whole other kind of wonderful-good.)

As for me? I’m on a countdown to Monday… 😀

Title: Too Many Friends
Publisher: UQP
ISBN: 978 0 7022 5976 0
RRP: $14.95


    • Thanks, Dimity. I’m feeling like a clever kitty, after not just managing the trailer, but then also managing to get it into the 60second format for Instagram! Who knew? #60seconds #fastfriends (You have to do the speed read on Insta. This one is more kid-friendly.)


  1. This sounds wonderful, Kat. Congratulations and best wishes for a great week launching! The trailer is so cute. I think I have a granddaughter who will adore this. She is a 2nd grader, almost 3rd grader, talking a lot about how friends work, etc. I love that you’ve written such a book.

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    • I love the music and illos, Linda. I think it will be my standard pick-me-up from here on in. #joy
      Friends such a huge thing at school. In life, too – but the dynamics seem to be concentrated, at school. Mayhaps there’s a poem in your granddaughter – about her friends.


  2. A trailer must provide a taste and evoke a sense of curiosity. It’s a blurb with kinetic energy. This trailer sets up the reader to consider the conundrum around childhood friendships. Well done Kat. Looking good and all ready to launch. Good luck on Monday.

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  4. Trailer love! Brava! for it and for this verse novel. It is your first in this genre?
    I feel many children find themselves overwhelmed at times by the crush of kids wanting their attention, but so much focus is
    on the lonely child. This is a needed story. Happy May with it!


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