Tango Anyone?

I have been absent from PoetryFriday for too long, on account of copy edits, holidays, new school year, and first page proofs. But sneaking in very quickly with this little 1920’s postcard poem, from our recent South American/Antarctic holiday.


Street artist at Montevideo, Uraguay. Photo © Kathryn Apel

I’d love to say more, and include more pics, but these page proofs must get done, and trawling through photos is a mammoth task. (I know. Because I too often fall down that hole.)

Happy PoetryFriday and I hope to be back properly, soon! You will find the full round-up at… beyondliteracylink with Carol Varsalona. Thanks, Carol!



  1. Kathryn, thank you for stopping by while still knee deep in your monumental task. Your offering is very special to me since I not only love dancing but collect ephemera. I have never seen a postcard like the one you have shown. Thank you for the postcard poetry. I hope at some time in the future you will share thoughts of your recent travels.


  2. I love the old postcard verses, and the wonderful typefaces they are presented in. Like Carol, I too, have a thing for vintage postcards. I can spend hours on flickr looking through them. Good luck with your editing tasks!


    • *Snap* They offered tango lessons on the cruise, and we went to the first – which was the basic basics… Unfortunately, the rest happened on sea days, and I didn’t travel too well at sea. So I didn’t get to any more. #stillcanttango


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