Cruising into the New Year


The midnight view from our porthole, as we quietly welcomed the New Year, in Antarctica.

Well, I certainly didn’t expect 2016 to end like that!

Late October we were gifted with the unexpected opportunity to travel to South America and the Antarctic. Cue a flurry of activity – and emotions.


I took a gazillion photos. And wrote very little. I had no idea it would be beyond-words amazing…


Expect to see some blog posts about this unexpected, unbelievable trip. Also expect delays, as I have a book that is going through final stages of pre-publication, a new school year underway, and countless stories that are twitching at my fingertips. Some may involve ice… 😉

A belated Happy New Year to you all. It’s good to be home … but I carry a huge chunk of the Antarctic in my heart.

Photographs © Kathryn Apel. All rights reserved.



  1. Welcome home and I look forward to posts, comments AND a book in the near future. What a wonderful opportunity to visit the amazing land of Antarctica.


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