One Minute Till… NOW!

oneminuteThis week saw the release of One Minute Till Bedtime, a poetry collection compiled by Kenn Nesbitt, which includes two of my poems. That was exciting… but it got even more exciting when my pre-ordered book arrived, yesterday, in the middle of a crazy-busy 24hours. I haven’t had a chance to read it cover-to-cover yet, but I’ve been dipping and diving into it at every chance I get, and am loving the variety and unexpectedness of the poems. And the gorgeous, whimsical, simply clever illustrations by Christoph Niemann. It really is a joy of words.

And it’s a thrill to be sharing the pages with friends and poets from Australia, and amongst the Poetry Friday crew. A huge thank-you to Kenn for including my poems in the amazingly versatile collection. What a wonderful way to spread a love of poetry through homes and generations around the world.

Here is one of my poems…


Every time I read this poem, I think of my (Great) Aunty Myrt, and the poems we used to share after lights out, in her big bed at the top of the stairs. Though I never heard her say this poem – I can hear her voice in my head every time I read it. I think it was in my head as I was writing it!

I’m pleased to say there is still much fun to be had with Dad in the shed, though the little boys who inspired the poem have now grown big and strong, and much, much taller than their dad.

One Minute Till Bedtime is all about the warmth and wit of words, and whimsical works of art. (Like this hammer duo.) I think Heidi Mordhurst nailed it, in her review.

It feels distinctly old-fashioned,

in the best possible way.

Aussies can order from Fishpond, Booktopia and Book Depostory.
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 978-0-316-34121-9

I should also mention that One Minute Till Bedtime has already received three starred reviews, and is one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2016.

Don’t forget to visit Laura at Writing the World for Kids for this week’s Poetry Friday fix. (You can read Laura’s not-so-sleepy One Minute poem about bats here.)



  1. I have it and plan to read with my grand-girls soon! This poem is the sweetest, Kat, and I love that illustration, too. I know the book is going to be loved by everyone, and for a long time! Also-thanks for mentioning my typo. Yes, it was a typo, and is now fixed!


  2. So nice to read your poem, Kat! And Congrats on having two poems included in this stellar anthology. Do I have to mention how much I LOVE the teddy snuggling against the book? 🙂


  3. Congratulations Katherine. It is always such a wonderful feeling to be part of such worthwhile contributions to the reading lives of children. Enjoyed your poem. Will have to order a copy of the book.


  4. Hey, thanks so much for the link, Kat! It’s nice to know you share my appreciation for the tone and feel of this book. And your poem about tools is very manly–in the best possible way. ; ) I hope it’s as successful Down Under as I think it will be Stateside!


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