Homograph Tetractys

Last week I created a tetractys page, with how-to and examples. Such a versatile little poetry form. I particularly like the double tetractys, and included a couple of my own variants, including the homonym, and homphone tetractys – but discovered I didn’t have a homograph tetractys. But I do now. You will perhaps recognise numerous clichés, cut and confuddled to create the poem.


Lead Homograph Tetractys

Sometimes it feels like there are lots of empty gongs clanging loudly in life – filling the silence of those who are quietly, consistently putting words into actions. Sometimes my heart sinks like lead, listening…

You can read more about the tetractys under the ‘Whisker of Poetry’ drop-down tab. I think my favourite has to be the ‘War’ homophone tetractys. Perhaps you’d even like write one yourself. Feel free to share in the comments.


This week I’m visiting Alphabet Soup Blog, to kick off the Pass the Book Baton series. I’m responding to Joseph, who says;

I really enjoyed Bully on the Bus and On Track, both verse novels. But you’ve written other books, too. Why did you decide to write those two books as verse novels?”

Click on the link to read that interview. And visit  Violet Nesdoly | Poems where you will find all the Poetry Friday links for the week. Enjoy!

** To answer Brenda’s question in the comments, this is how you have some control over the formatting in your comments. By typing this, when it’s posted as a comment it looks like my response to Brenda, below.

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      • Great tip, thanks Diane. I use Word and screenshot on my Mac, but don’t know if there’s an equivalent on Windows.

        Brenda, some formatting tips you might find helpful in WordPress are…
        1. type here creates italics in a comment.
        type here also works – so you have two italics options.
        2. type here creates bold in a comment.
        3. type here allows you to cross out text for effect.

                and here 

        enables the poet
        an element of
        of the poem
        5. type here underlines text.
        6. type here lets you change the font SIZE.
        …..(I think standard font size is 2 or 3.)

        ** OF COURSE that didn’t work, because it just converted all the code (so you can see how it LOOKS at least) so I will now insert a screenshot into the bottom of the blog post for you, Brenda.

        Other codes that you might like to try can be found here; http://en.support.wordpress.com/code


    • Brenda, regarding your comment about spacing, if you go to an image editing site (for example, PicMonkey) and type out your poem (with or without an image), you can save it as a jpg and post it that way to preserve your spacing.

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  1. I liked seeing your own tetractys, Kat, imagine they are challenging to get just right, but fun to try. The double is really good! Thanks!


  2. Terms like “Tetractys,” which I’m not even sure I can pronounce, generally make me glaze over. I’m so happy you’ve provided the explanation of the form and examples.


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