A Lune and a How-To Link

Earlier in the year I saw a tweet by Jocelyn Blumgart (@jocpyp) introducing me to the poetry form lunes, as shared by one of our Poetry Friday crew, Alan Wright, during a workshop he was presenting in Adelaide.


For Poetry Friday today, I share my first attempt at a lune, inspired by our indolent SavvyCat, snapped in holiday mode earlier this week. 


I’m also sharing a link to a new how-to poetry page that I’ve created, using another short poetry form that I love, the tetractys. You can click the link to read more and see examples, or you’ll find it in the drop-down tab, under ‘Whisker of Poetry’. I’d love to hear from you, if it helps you in your word play.

Don’t forget to click across to Karen Edmisten‘s blog to catch all the Poetry Friday links for this week. Jump on board and be inspired!


  1. Being a poetry newbie, I’m constantly surprised and inspired by all the different names and forms – I think so often we claim we don’t like poetry simply because we haven’t been exposed to it in all it’s variety – from medieval epics to lunes, there’s so much to choose from that there’s likely something for just about everyone!


    • The exact very reason, I am sure, Jane. I think all the different forms are all the more reasons to love poetry – because no matter what your mood is, there’s surely a style to suit it. 🙂


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  3. “like doing a Yurchenko on a 5c coin” Holy cows–please don’t make future word play as difficult as that! A lune sounds perfectly do-able!


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