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Last week was a happy week for me.

    1.  I signed a contract on a new verse novel for younger readers. *excitement*
    2.  I discovered a ‘Bully on the Bus’ classroom door. Online. But an actual door, to an actual classroom in Victoria.
    3. I opened the classroom door (in a virtual sense) and discovered powerful little poetry bites, written by students in Year 4A at New Gisbourne Primary School. Inspired by ‘Bully on the Bus’.

Aoife’s Blog – Haiku Writing
Hamish’s Blog – Haiku Poem
Nadav’s Blog – Haiku Poem
Nea’s Blog – Haku Poems
Sarah’s Blog – Haiku Poems

4.  I decided I need a new door!


This awesome picture was shared by Joshua.

To open another virtual door into poetry, check out the Poetry Friday links, gathered this week by Amy at The Poem Farm.


  1. Fabulous news Kat! We love having your books in our library but they don’t remain on the shelf for very long! Glad there will be another one for your loyal readers.


  2. What wonderful news all around! Many congratulations! I look forward to hearing more about your new verse novel. I love that it’s for younger readers too…


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