Book Week 2016


Wise words in this haiku-like poem from my eldest, when he was a young lad. Because a book can take YOU places, just as you can take a book places. #versatile 🙂

It’s Book Week in Australia; book character costumes, author visits, library visits and celebrations of all things bookish.

Day One was the costume parade. I dressed up as Tiddalick the frog – and was thrilled to see Brette from my chapter book, ‘Fencing with Fear’ also put in a surprise appearance.

Tiddalick with Brette from 'Fencing with Fear'

Tiddalick with Brette from ‘Fencing with Fear’

Day Two we had a day of school visits at our local library, with storytelling, scavenger hunt, spiney poems and other fun activities.

Day Three was a fab day doing author talks and poetry activities at Discovery Christian College, where the Yr 8 students were so enthusiastic about zentangle poems, when the bell rang, they didn’t want to leave.

“Is it lunch time? Oh good. I’m staying. I want to finish this!”

We thought one student coined a new term, animalification – where humans take on animal traits, to explain why the bully is represented by a wolf in ‘Bully on the Bus’. But then I googled and found it is a term! Meaning exactly that. Who knew? (Smart kid, Jammy!)


One of the best things about author visits? No matter how many you do, there is always a new pearl (or strand) of wisdom that kids share. It never gets old. In my session with the Yr 1-4 students, within the first five minutes I had a Yr 1 girl ask how much money I make when someone buys one of my books. Wow! Keeping me on my toes with a Maths question! And coming from one so young.

It was a pleasure to work with kids who were beautifully behaved, engaged and interactive — and creative too.

I hope your Book Week has been festive, fabulous fun! Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe has the Poetry Friday round-up for this week. Thanks, Heidi.



  1. It looks like a “frog-alicious” week, Kat, love your costume, and that book poem by your son, who included one of your titles! “Animalification” is a new word to me, too. Happy weekend after all the celebrations!


    • I should clarify – his poem is the three-liner at the end. But I’ve always wanted to team it with a bundle of books – and yes, snuck mine in there, too. 🙂 Along with some verse novels, and some great Aussie reads.


  2. What fun for you and the kids, and for all of us who came to the party via your blog. In the pile of books there is one titled, “Naked Bunyip Dancing.” What a great title! It grabbed my attention!


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