Still the Greatest – Michael Phelps

Following the Beijing Olympics in 2008, I wrote this metaphor recipe poem about the Greatest Olympian of All Time…

A lot of time has passed since then – and a lot has changed… yet nothing has changed. From 8 gold medals after Beijing, to 20 gold medals (and more) at Rio, Michael Phelps is still the Greatest Olympian of All Time. 



I’ve posted early this week, but you can read the full Poetry Friday round-up collated by Julianne at To Read To Write To Be… on Friday! 🙂



  1. How incredible is that man?! I was shedding tears with him today, as he wrote yet another first. He is a living, swimming history book, and who knows when he will write the last word.


  2. What a splashy tribute! Thanks, Kat.
    My hubby had to work last evening, but I pushed pause right after the 200 medley to replay as soon as he walked in the door. Incredible. Just incredible. And how inspiring that he forged ahead after reaching a personal low only a couple of years ago. [And is that a precious baby or what?!]


  3. Your descriptions are terrific. I missed seeing the race where Michael’s cap broke right before he swam, but that must have been something to see. His race last night was amazing.


    • I wonder if they had the most FUN with tonight’s race/result – these three great names unable to be separated – and topped by this young lad with his own incredible achievement. Olympics are made of special moments – but they’re rolling thick and fast at Rio.

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