Stalking a Poem


Jonty & GPs.jpgI’m not quite sure why we have similes about chalk and cheese, when obviously, you couldn’t get two things more different than cats and dogs!

Our much-loved, still-missed JontyPuppy caught rats, mice and rabbits – but never ate a guinea pig. SavvyCat grew up with guinea pigs free-ranging, and for eight months obeyed the (same) rule, “Don’t eat the guinea pigs.”

Two months ago… *insert sad face here*

Both the JontyPuppy and the SavvyCat KNEW the rules. Jonty loved to please. Savvy… was a cat. #nuffsaid

Needless to say, the guinea pigs girls are now never ‘out’ when Savvy is, and vice versa. There may be a layer (or two) of mesh separating them these days, but apparently that doesn’t mean game-over, as the pics taken this week show. Methinks Savvy was hiding from ME as much as the guinea pigs!

The poetry game is just beginning. Join Tara at A Teaching Life to cat-ch all the fun of Poetry Friday. Thanks, Tara.

Savvy & GPs




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