DIY Tag Poetry

Last week, I had time at my parents’ with my nieces, so of course, we had a little play with poetry. My mum has a wealth of magazine, so we cut out word tags, and made poems. Such fun!

MissPurple (4) started this by saying ‘I love ME!’ – then we found ‘more’ – so she changed it to be a poem to her Mum and Dad and was determined it would be ‘I love you more than anyone.’ Try as we might, we could not find ‘anyone’. So we cheated… Then, in a quirky twist of mischief, LittleMissPurple had to throw that last line in. Perfect! 


MissyK (7) really got into the groove of this activity and ‘wrote’ heaps – starting with guidance, then becoming unstoppable, all by herself. I love that enthusiasm! And the clarity she had when she found a word she loved… which sprouted to an idea… which required a tenacious hunt of words to complete the poem. Even when I went off doing other things, she still hunted up words and poems. She became a little poetry machine, writing her own collection. (Her words.)


This could be my fave. Note ‘the three dots’. (I’m in LOVE with the ellipsis.)



MissyK’s self-portrait.



Her cheeky wit shone through in this one…

(They were early birds, those little girls – and chattery magpies at that! Something they found quite amusing, since I never am – and certainly not after a late night of katch-up and reading…)


MissPurple chose the topic & helped sequence this one.

There were more poems… with much to love about all of them. We three all loved doing them – which is perhaps the best thing. Methinks I should remind my teenage lads about the beauty of poetry… Meantime, you can check out the PoetryFriday round-up of links at Thanks, Katie!

(The Inlinkz widget hasn’t been working in Australia for some reason, but I’m hoping we’ll be trouble free this week. Thanks so much to Tabatha for emailing the links through last week!)



  1. These are wonderful. Sometimes found poems can seem so contrived or choppy, but these flow so nicely and seem effortless – though we all know they aren’t! I can hardly wait until my grandkids are old enough to do this.


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