Recycled Poetry

Last week Jone inspired my mathematical play with Fib poetry… and this week she inspired me to try Recycled Poetry. Well – that’s what I’m terming it, because it ties in brilliantly with a unit of work I am doing with a Yr3 class, needing to plan and create projects made from recycled materials.


A snippet from Jone’s post that prompted the idea. Click the pic to read the full post.

For Technology, the class is planning and designing an assortment of projects using recycled materials. Up-cycling! A found poem is perfect is, especially when teamed with the pile of old tiles we have… or fence railings, to give them a choice of backgrounds… embellished with other recycled bits and bobs… With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I found this idea very appealing! There is scope for creativity, both in what they write, (and the topic they choose) and in what they use to adorn the tiled poem, not to mention the arrangement of text and titivation on the tiles.

The kids have made a terrific start. They’ve LOVED selecting words and deliberating over order and arrangement. They’re gorgeous! And cute. And funny. And sweet. And each one reflects the individual’s interests and personalities. Many have managed to find words that express their love for Mum, and I am sure there will be smiles when they’re opened. They’re not finished yet – but already my heart is happy.


My Recycled Poem – dictated by the fact I only had one boating magazine!

Thank-you Jone. You have made Mother’s Day craft a pleasure for me AND the kids!

And now, for a decadent tasty treat, make your way across to Jama’s Alphabet Soup, for the full Poetry Friday collection
. I’m guessing you’ll meet Mr Cornelius while you’re there. (Mayhaps even Mr Darcy?) And I’m guessing there will be a feast of images to make your mouth water. (You may even get a giggle.) I adore Jama’s Alphabet Soup! It warms my heart…


  1. Super Mother’s Day idea! Yes, I see that it could be hard to keep the thingamabobs on the poems…Maybe a roll of bubble wrap is in order, although that could lead to chaos, couldn’t it?

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    • Thanks, Violet. Yes, Mum will be getting this for Mother’s Day. Mum’s (and Dad’s) gifts are always the models for my class projects on these special parent days. A bit of a tradition. 🙂


    • Yes. Very much so. Most of the kids found all the words they needed in one magazine. And since most of them took words, not phrases, they were very precise in their vocabulary. No clutter. I love that about poetry!


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