Telling Fibs

Last week Jone shared some fib poems, a form developed by Greg. I’ve heard of fibs before, but never tried them, so on Sunday I decided to have a little tinker…

-Users-KatApel-Desktop-Screenshots 2016-04-10 at 9.02.04 pm

I maybe tweeted it…


Amy Rudd - Tweet Tweet

As I was tinkering, a tweet appeared.

-Users-KatApel-Desktop-Screenshots 2016-04-10 at 9.06.05 pm

Of course, I tweeted back!

Greg Pincus - No Sleep

And Greg, the original fibber, did too.

KatApel - We Need

And … (You get the picture.)


Meanwhile, I had been tinkering… (Just a little fib)


KatApel_Fibonacci Shell

And tinkering … (Inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence)

Then a maths teacher friend announced that his wife’s pregnant… and they’re looking for a new car… and they’re looking at baby names. (And they’re both teachers, so that name-thing was proving tricky!) Of course, a Fibonacci sequenced poem (or three) would be perfect for a maths teacher with a sense of humour… Jest for jokes!
I realised through all of this that maths isn’t all bad 😉 because so much of poetry IS maths. And I *LOVE* poetry! I think it would be fair to say that poetry is my favourite kind of maths!

I’m also loving the Poetry Friday community, whose members inspire me as a poet, and as a teacher. If you’re a teacher, you’ll be amazed by all the fabulous ways you can use poetry in your classroom. You can join in by clicking across to the very busy Today’s Little Ditty where Michelle is collecting the links this week. Thanks, Michelle!

But first, who else is telling fibs??? Feel free to leave a little one as a comment – and that’s no fib!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Tweet screen grabs as proof that you weren’t –wait! that you were!–fibbing:)…
    Seriously, thank you for a new fun challenge to have in my back pocket–maybe even for Poem in Your Pocket Day next week. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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