New Bully on the Bus Teacher Resources

Classroom teacher Glenys Rathjen made a thorough study of Bully on the Bus with her Year 4 class (read more here about my class visit, for some extra tips) and has very generously shared her study notes with me … and you!

Bully on the Bus Study Notes PDF

Click on the pic to download the full pdf document.

Cupcake Critters

Green-eyed Monster Cupcake Critters.

The PDF resource has been added to the ‘Bully on the Bus’ tab (scroll down under Kat’s Books), or you can click on the picture above to go straight to the PDF resource.

A huge thank-you to Glenys, for creating such a rich and rewarding unit with the class (even making cupcake critters!) and so generously sharing your resources with other teachers. I’m thrilled with the many and varied activities you devised, and know from the letters I received, that your class appreciated the details in your planning.


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