Soapy Sid – A Pirate Poem

Soapy Sid
I’m drawing on a favourite poem from the archives for today’s Poetry Friday post. This was in fact my first paid publication, when it was printed in Pearson Education’s Comet Magazine; Issue 3 2006.

I’ve had a class perform it at the Eisteddfod – something they did exceedingly well.

Needless to say, there are many wonderful memories that flow through the rhythm of this poem.


Soapy Sid Pulls the Plug.

I’m Soapy Sid the Pirate
and I sail the wide, blue sea,
in a ship that’s full of treasure –
and it all belongs to me! 

My boat is built for battles,
with six cannons down each side.
If you meet me on the high seas
there is nowhere you can hide!

Don’t think that you can best me
in your little wooden boat.
I will fill your tub with gunshot
and you’ll fight to stay afloat!

I’m Soapy Sid the Pirate
with my loyal, feathered crew;
My parrot on one shoulder,
and a Rubber Ducky too!

I sing a pirate shanty
and I fly my flag with pride
as I sail in search of treasure
on blue oceans, deep and wide.

When wild winds whip the waves up
and my ship is tossed around,
I will steer through rain and salt spray
until calmer seas are found.

I’m Soapy Sid the Pirate
and I sail the seas each day…
Oh no! I bumped the bath plug
and my ocean drained away!

© Kathryn Apel
All rights reserved


Poetry Friday this week is being collated by the lovely Amy, who has just celebrated her sixth birthday at The Poem Farm
. Not to mention a new book and a Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award. Lots for Amy to smile about! It’s also the first day of National Poetry Month in America – and since we’re on school holidays in Australia for the first week, there may be poems here too…


  1. “Oh no! I bumped the bath plug and my ocean drained away!”–what a purrrrfectly fun ending, reminding about the inevitable fate-as the saying goes–of all good things. Thank you for sharing this poem today; I’m so glad that this was the first of your paid publications, ocean still full of treasures–no poetic genius going down the drain for the captain of your ship on this or any other day! God bless you! Happy Poetry Month!


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