Tamar Valley, Tasmania

I had a fabulous time revisiting the beautiful Tamar Valley recently, for the Tamar Valley Writers Festival. I had a three-stage flight to get there Thursday night, staying in a lovely little timber cabin on the edge of the lake at the Aspect Tamar Resort, Grindelwald – a replica Swiss village. I didn’t pack for wet weather… which was a little alarming at 4am the first night, when the rain poured down. A cabin on the water is all well and good if you have a car in your parking bay… Breakfast reception and the bus was a 5 minute run away on the opposite side of the resort – and despite numerous contingencies (towel over head, (clean) garbage bag raincoat…) I couldn’t see how I could be respectable on arrival for the school sessions. I donned comfy clothes, did the towel trick, and made a barefoot dash for reception, where I scored a courtesy umbrella, twisted a toenail, and indulged in buffet breakfast, before dashing back to my cabin to get properly ready for the fun of the day. (So glad we could oblige by bringing the much-needed rain to Tasmania… though it was also lovely to have two days of sunshine to follow. The drive from Grindelwald to Beaconsfield is gorgeous in fine weather!) 

Sharing my verse novels with appreciative kids is always a buzz and it was fabulous to have the Friday session with school groups, with the added bonus of meeting twitter friend Jessica Marston. I was thankful to find this pic online, from Kym Gourlay.


I love, love, LOVE the student artwork that made such a vibrant feature at Beaconsfield School!

Saturday I was part of a panel, with lovelies, Tamsin Janu and Carol Ann Martin, talking about contemporary stories for younger readers. This was an interesting session, with a mix of children, teens and adults present, all with an interest in writing for themselves. So glad to be a part of it!

Writers festivals are always a wonderful opportunity to network… or just plain BE with other writers and book-lovers, sharing stories and laughs and feeling like you’re part of a vibrant, supportive community. Tamar Valley provided lots of opportunities to mix and mingle, not just with lovely kidlit creators, but with authors and readers across a diverse range of genres, in exotic settings.

And did I mention the beautiful scenery along the gorgeous Tamar River…?


I was more than a little chuffed to spot my cabin from the air, when heading home again… and later pinpoint Beaconsfield on my photos, and put it all into perspective. I wasn’t at all expecting to catch a glimpse of a prancing pony from the air… but quickly snapped a photo for my horse-crazy nieces before it disappeared under the belly of the plane.


Can you spot the horse?

Events such as the Tamar Valley Writers Festival are an exciting bonus of being a writer. I enjoyed myself immensely.


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