Bitter-Sweet Easter Poem

Good Friday is always raw with bitterly cruel reflection on the Easter story.


But Easter Sunday morning is sweet with joy.


Today’s Poetry Friday is being co-ordinated by Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe – with a gorgeous little poem about a fluff of feathers and expectant new life.



  1. I once found a poster for homeschoolers that showed a Halloween treat and said simply, “Candy corn reminds us of Jesus.” Which, without explication is ridiculous and (even to a non-Christian) disrespectful. But your poem conveys well why chocolate might remind us of Jesus. Thanks for that.


    • I had that same feeling on reading it, KD. In truth, I didn’t consciously model it on a form – but I wonder if it’s the double (diamond) tetractys that it’s reminding us of?


  2. I like “bitter-sweet-perfect” and how “hollow” (usually a bit of a disappointment) is actually a reason for celebration. Your photo choice is wonderful as well.


  3. Thank you so much for your timely PF post. Yes…”hollow,” “bittersweet.” “morning/mourning” you’ve woven a totally tasteful, poignant poetic reflection with so few wraparound words that each word packs more import and impact. The photo is magnificent, particularly in capturing Good Friday and Easter Sunday in one image. Masterful! God bless you! Happy Easter!


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