World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day, so I’m sharing some poems I’ve written, over time, about poetry, and writing…


I Remember You

I remember you –
the way you
weave words on paper,
play emotions
with phrases and
your voice echoing
through line breaks,
imagery and stark
haunting words.

I remember you,
breathing life
and form into poetry
so that when I read
no credit is needed –
the words whisper
your name
and take the shape
of you.

She is Lost

When words evade the writer’s pen,
can she be still an author, then?
When phrases clump, and do not flow,
where does imagination go?
Can a writer push the block
and like a magic key unlock
the mystery that is the muse…
Is that an option she can choose?

How can she find the words sublime?
To plot… or what? To rhyme… or not?
When ideas fly into her head,
but don’t take root, fly out instead,
and words are not enough to thresh
the bones of beauty into flesh…
What is a writer, poised to pen,
supposed to think that she is, then?

The Musings of Maxim; Edit-err

I’ve spotted my stakes
and dotted my tees,
crossed my eyes
and queued my peas.
I’ve cut and confuddled
confounding clichés
but I’m dashed if I know
how to turn a phrase.

My Boy

my boy edits
paper planes
the cubby house
a construction project
and a poem

he edits everything
that needs fixing
because mum is
a writer


Happy World Poetry Day. May your day be filled with edits. 😉


All poems © Kathryn Apel.
Please do not use without permission.



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