Fear Not – Trimeric

During Month of Poetry 2014, I discovered the trimeric, a beautiful form of poetry to write because it almost washes over you in waves, developing each line further. This is one that I share with people when they’re faced with uncertainty, grief, or illness. They’re not really my words. But I find great comfort and reassurance in each of these Bible promises.


Thank-you Elizabeth for hosting this week’s Poetry Friday at Elizabeth Steinglass


  1. What a beautiful format for this comfort. I love the mercat photo too. Thanks for mentioning the trimeric form. I have looked it up and will add writing one to me ‘to do’ list! I love trying out new forms.


    • The photo was taken at Western Plains Dubbo Zoo, in NSW. So many splendid animals, seemingly in their natural surroundings. (So many photo inspirations they’ve featured in, as a result. 🙂 )


  2. Thank you so much for blessing us with your “Fear Not” trimeric. Such a beautiful, authentic mercy ministry you have–sharing Scripturally-powerful words, gently trimericked, for those who most need them. Knowing that you choose verses that comfort you “has” to bring comfort to others. God bless you! …Special thanks, too, for introducing me to trimeric poems; I appreciate your sharing a link, which I definitely will utilize; you’ve inspired me! Thank you.


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