#MoP16 Poems for my Nieces

This Month of Poetry is a lot more relaxed, playing with poetry at my whim. It’s always nice to snapshot moments of the new year, and I had planned to work on a verse novel that’s stuck halfway (I haven’t toughed that yet).. but I hadn’t planned to write a little collection of poems for my nieces. Yet I have. One for each of them. In Storybird. (Using the picture book option, as opposed to the drag-and-drop poetry function.) 

Miss Six loves horses, and I’d already tagged some Cara Burns illustrations to use in poems for Miss Six, someday… I started writing, and fell in love with the young voice that the pictures inspired. Whilst there were some pics/poems for Miss Four, I knew that I had to move away from the black and white… because Miss Four loves purple! Victoria Usova‘s gorgeous artworks, with vibrant colours and lots of purple, were perfect.

Since both of the works were from different artists, I’ve had to make two separate collections… This means I’ve written many more poems than required by Day 6 of #MoP16… Twenty-four, actually. Though admittedly, most of them are very short. Both collections feature a few cat pics … and at least one picture with a postal theme. Which is appropriate, given that Aunty Kat is writing the poems… and their mum is a post mistress.

Here’s a sample of the poems, one from each collection. (Miss Four’s poems aren’t all purple-heavy in their word usage. :P)

Poems copyright © Kathryn Apel.

And a poem from my ‘daily diary’ collection. For a while there, I was literally eye-balling this fellow, as he slowly shuffled past my Expanda caravan bed. (We were parked on a slope, so his track was of a height with my head.) He wasn’t at all worried when he saw me – came past three times that day. (I was a bit worried about our cat and dog. But all was well…)


If you, too are taking part in #MoP16, I hope your writing is going well!

I cheated and posted this early for Poetry Friday. You can click across to Tabatha’s blog, The Opposite of Indifference
 to read the full round-up for the week.

PS Pic of Expanda caravan below, for Brenda. 🙂 I was writing poems on the shadowed bed, at the back of the van.




  1. I love that rumpled rump and the tail of the lovely lizard. They made me smile ear to ear. You are lucky to not be frozen as I am, waiting with my daughter at her busstop. I don’t know what an Expanda caravan bed is, but I am picturing a wooden wagon with a fold-down bed. I love picturing things. I think it’s the best part of reading. Happy New Year!


  2. I just finished a number of poems for my family with pictures & published them into a book for Christmas. I love the poems for your nieces, seemed to fit them Just right! That goanna is rather scary looking, glad your pets are safe! His ‘monitoring’ is probably more than meets the eye, right, slow and careful? Enjoy your summery weather, snowing here in Denver, Colorado!


  3. Thanks for the photo of your caravan (and a peek at the surroundings, too)! And oh, that monitor…WOW!

    Oh, yeah…love the poems!


  4. I love that purple elephant and his rumpled rump! I bet he makes a wild rumpus in the woods. In our family, we often talk about Australia’s most unusual-for-Americans creatures. What a shot of that monitor!!


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