Poetry Challenge Plus More

For the past number of years (too lazy to chase that up for accuracy) I have been co-ordinating Month of Poetry each January – a family-friendly event for kids and adults. I love the discipline and the refreshment of writing a poem a day for a month, and I love the camaraderie of the group, but each year it just about does my head in. So – this year I’m taking a big step back, and am no longer running locked pages on the MoP blog. I’m still planning on writing a poem a day in January – and I know others are too. But maybe this year I’ll finally wrangle some of those forms that have eluded me in previous years. Or maybe I can progress the verse novel I worked on during #MoP14, that just keeps tripping me up… I’m really looking forward to having a clear head to start the year. And of course, I still want to play with short bites of words.

If anyone else wants to join me in a month of poetry play, you can post a comment below, or sign up here. Signing up is really just a way of saying ‘I’m in’. Sharing of poems is voluntary, through your own blogs and networks. I’m hoping to post something here each week for Poetry Friday.

Interested? You’re welcome to join in. 🙂

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In an unrelated snippet, I’m delighted that my verse novel, ‘On Track’ has been included in Megan Daley’s Children’s Books Daily Top 10 Middle Grade books for 2015. And a fine selection of books to be included with, too. Thank-you Megan!



-Users-KatApel-Desktop-Screenshots 2015-12-30 at 3.20.43 pm


Also lovely to see ‘Bully on the Bus’ is one of the top sellers for 2015 on dyslexicbooks.com.


That’s something to smile about, at the close of a busy year.

Why don’t you check out some inspiring posts from the Poetry Friday crew, kicking off 2016 with Mary Lee at A Year of Reading. Happy New Year!



  1. Aw, Kat. 😦 But I do understand. The enormity of MOP has got to be draining. And clear heads are the best. On Track is beautifully done. I don’t have Bully on the Bus. Must buy it. I hope all is well. Love you, friend.


  2. Congrats Kat with On Track and Bully on the Bus for doing so well. I’ve loved Month of Poetry – and remember your verse novel – all the best with finishing it. I’ve actually had four of my MoP poems published last year, on being runner up in the FAWQ poetry prize 🙂 It wouldn’t have happened without MOP – to give the confidence and the space to develop my poetry. We will be running the FB MOP group (that ran in conjunction with MOP in 2015) again this year.


  3. I’m going to hop back on the powtry train this year. I love your short snippets and congrats on your books, Kat. Happy New Year!


  4. I just finished a haiku a day in December and I don’t think I’m ready for a full-on commitment to MoP, but I do intend to continue writing and try out some forms. So count me…”in.” 🙂 (I loved MoP. Lots of good memories!)


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