Grandma’s Pikelets

I tried off and on for 8 years to write a pikelet poem for my Grandma. It was initially intended for her 90th birthday*, because she was the queen of pikelets. Sadly, the words didn’t fall into place until the day after she slipped quietly away, aged 97 – when I let go of the rhyming stanzas I’d persisted with throughout the years, and let heart and memories shape the poem.

I would have liked to share the pikelet poem with Grandma… but perhaps the memories and emotions it stirred were felt more by those of us she left behind.KatApel_Grandma's Pikelets

Pearl Poem - blog

* Not a pikelet poem, but a Pearl, for Grandma’s 90th Birthday.


Presenting ‘Grandma’s Pikelets’ at her funeral (with the help of a cousin, who read the recipe portions) was one of the more challenging things I’ve done, given that it followed a eulogy beautifully written and tearfully presented by my Dad, with his brother. The funeral was heartfelt, personal – often funny – and very beautiful, honouring a life lived loyally, devoted to family and God.


  1. So sorry for the loss of your Grandma, Kathryn. The poem is a lovely tribute, and the interweaving of the two elements was spot on. Your Grandma would have been proud. Have a peaceful holiday.


  2. What a good long life she had!

    Her pikelets sound similar to the treats featured on Jama’s blog!

    I love how you wove her into the recipe. Perfect.


  3. I can just see your grandma, moving efficiently around her domain, with an eye out for guests. Beautifully presented poem. (Pikelets are new to me–an Australian pancake?–that’s what I’m smelling *grin*)


    • I had noticed that ‘pikelets’ gets a squiggle under it every time I type it, Violet. I hadn’t realised that pikelets were uniquely Australian – but perhaps they are? They’re smaller/denser (?) than pancakes, and are divine served warm with golden syrup, or cold with jam and cream!


  4. Still love this poem & loved hearing it on the day. We were perhaps more privileged than many of the cousins as we were at times already THERE watching her make those pikelets whilst waiting for them to arrive! Hardly ever a failure and almost impossible to replicate too! Xx


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