Discovering Storybird

These holidays, I discovered Storybird. Well – not quite true, because I’ve known about it for a long time, but resisted, because of a fear of internet overuse and excessive megs-consumption… But this holidays, I caved…


It is, as I feared, a little addictive.

So many adorable images, and that challenge of playing with a limited palette of words… But it’s a satisfying feeling of accomplishment, creating something beautiful, often in a small window of time.

I’m amazed at how many words some poets can string into a coherent poem. Mine are often under 10 words – except when I give my son an image to play with. He is much wordier than me!

Here are a couple of my Storybird chicks. Click on the pic (or the link at the bottom of my website) and it will take you direct to my Storybird nest. I’ve probably hatched a few more, since scheduling this post.

A Sampling of Kat's Storybirds

If you’re on Storybird, too, I’d love you to leave your link in the comments, so I can flutter through your collection. If you haven’t tried Storybird yet, I recommend it. Poetry is always a breath of creativity, and a stretch of writing muscle. But starting with an illustration seems to tap into a way with words you don’t necessarily know you have. And the finished products look gorgeous!

I’m looking forward to sharing the creativity with kids in the classroom. What a wonderful way to play with words!

Happy Poetry Friday. Mayhaps you’re flitting across to Storybird now, to create your own little chirrup of poetry… Don’t forget to also check out the full Poetry Friday collection of links at My Juicy Little Universe.




    • Your flute and violin piece is really lovely, Tabatha. Not a musical note/instrument in the artwork, yet it works so beautifully. Thank-you for sharing. Also loved hearing your favourites. I must confess, ‘particular kind’ is one of my particular faves, too.


  1. I’ve never heard of Storybird. These are so cool. I’ll have to learn more and give it a try. I especially love “we write the forgotten words no where” and “blushing like the summer morning.”


  2. Oh, goodness. What a thrilling opportunity and how have I missed this? This is going to be like marshmallow treats…can’t make a pan at home because I can’t stop till they’re gone. : ) I think I like “ancient quarrell” the best.

    This will be my gift to myself when MY holidays come!


    • I almost didn’t post about Storybird, because I thought everyone else would have been there, done that. But after all these comments, I’m so glad I did post – and look forward to seeing your gift to yourself – and us, Heidi.


  3. Gorgeous Kat. Am now kicking myself that I didn’t use storybird for the unit of work we just finished. I saw it so long ago I had forgotten about it – won’t happen again!


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