Sci-Ku Five – Shadows

Today’s post wraps up five days of sci-ku for National Science Week. But it’s not finished yet, because if I’m going to enter a sci-ku (or 3) into the competition, I need to write MORE… because these have all been published. (Since some of these aren’t very scientific in their capture of Light, that’s probably just as well.) It’s been fun to stretch some writing muscles with a familiar, yet different style of poetry.

Lamp Post Shadows

This post is also my first link in to Poetry Friday, a community of sharing and poetry that happens around the globe every Friday. I’ve often seen the links on Twitter, and checked out posts, without knowing what the ‘rules’ were. After a quick tweet with fab Australian children’s author/friend, Sally Murphy …

Poetry Friday

… I think I’m ready to roll… Hoping to post something each Friday – and get to know some more poets in the process.

Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Reading to the Core.

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    • Oh. Thanks for that, Tabatha. It’s always intriguing to know people’s faves. 🙂 I’ve not tried a sci-fi haiku. I have written a known fairytale in haikuesque verses. That was fun.


  1. Well, hello there! Glad to see that you’re hopping on the Poetry Friday wagon!! I missed writing with you in January — happy that we’ll connect each Friday!


  2. Welcome to our Poetry Friday! I was compelled to stop by when I saw the word “katswhiskers.” Glad you learned that we have no rules other than sharing our love of poetry.


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