Somerset CELEBRATION of Literature

The Somerset Festival of Children’s Literature was an extravagant celebration of literature by a whole school community, shared with a much wider community. It was a blast and I was thrilled to be involved in this wonderful event.

These pics don’t begin to capture the festive atmosphere or the fun had by all. But they do bring back wonderful memories for me.

Somerset Celebration

Throughout the course of the festival I was on a panel in an adult blogging seminar, conducted poetry workshops with upper primary students, talked to a range of grades about what inspires me to write and what shapes my writing, did a dramatic reading of ‘This is the Mud!’ with a group of pre-preppies (they were gorgeous – and so spontaneous!) and was involved in the student dinner, where groups were given a topic and had to present a 5-7minute performance on this theme by the end of the evening. (My group was so awesome, that, despite my involvement, they won! 🙂 )

So many wonderful and varied activities throughout the time. The bonus being that through it all, I could also have fun with an awesome bunch of Aussie (plus Peter from over the Tasman) authors. And catch up with my lovely UQP publisher and editor. All on the beautiful Gold Coast, where we were pampered like royalty.

Thank-you to the many volunteers who willingly assisted throughout the festival, most especially my indispensable helper-elf, Vanessa, who was superb! (She was so efficient and involved in so many organisational aspects of the festival that I kept forgetting she was a student.) And huge accolades to the organising committee, for the wonderful vision, and their efforts to pull off such an impressive celebration!

As festival chairperson, Dr Michael Brohier said, ‘We enjoyed celebrating Book Me In and we can confidently say that it was among our most successful festivals. This year, we were visited by 56 schools with over 18,000 ticket sales during the three days.’

If you’ve never been to the Somerset Celebration of Literature… you’re missing out on something special!


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