Kat’s #PostItNotePoetry Collection

A little late, but better than never… This is a collage of my February #PostItNotePoetry collection. There are more than 28 – because some days I just wrote more, though I didn’t always share all of them via twitter. They’re not in any specific order – just randomly arranged to fit the windows of opportunity in the CollageIt program. (I had hoped you’d be able to read them, but even clicking on the image they still seem to be very small. Oops.)

#postitnotepoetryThanks to organiser Adam Byatt (@revhappiness) and all the other poets who joined in the fun and inspired with their unique brands of creativity. Great stuff!

You can peruse the month’s twitter #postitnotepoetry collection – from all participants here.



  1. Thanks for playing along. Glad you enjoyed it. And big thanks to Jodi Cleghorn (@JodiCleghorn) for being the co-conspirator of it all in the beginning.


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