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Wise and wonderful Wendy Orr, tagged me for a blog post about one of my characters. She followed it up with that evil laugh – but when I skipped across and checked out her blog post on Nim, I was quite excited to be asked. What a great way to get a bit of perspective on your character! (Be sure to read Wendy’s post for lots of fascinating insights into Nim.)

But here I am. I’m ‘It’. 

On Track


What is your character’s name? Toby Coster. He’s one of the main characters in my new book – released May 27. (That’s the cover above. I’m still in love with it. :P)

Is Toby based on you? Well – he wasn’t intentionally, but I think we might have shared a few insecurities. And I might not be that crash-hot with the handwriting, either – which is something Toby is really struggling with.

How old is Toby? Toby is 11yrs-old.

What should we know about Toby? Toby has a big brother, Shaun, who is only 11 months, 9 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes older than Toby – but that’s enough to make him oldest. And with oldest comes all sorts of privileges and capabilities. And sometimes that just isn’t fair!

(Funny, because Shaun is the other MC in ‘On Track’ – and Shaun would say the baby of the family, ‘the favoured one’, outsmarts everyone.)

Toby also has a few physical challenges that are getting him down. And he’s suffering at school because of his messy handwriting. Of course, everything is so much worse when Toby compares himself to Shaun, who is so good at everything!

What are Toby’s personal goals? Hmmm… Toby is initially so caught up in his frustrations, that he can’t see clear to set goals for himself. He wants to do something first, better, best – but he doesn’t know what that something could be.

But things happen, and Toby starts to see potential in running… His goal then is to compete on Sports Day and not come last in everything.

Where can we find out more about the book?

The book is only just starting to appear online – because it’s not released until midway through 2015.  It’s published by UQP, so keep a check on their site,  It will be distributed by Penguin, and the placemarker is up on the Penguin site;

If you potter around on my website, you’ll find a few posts, including;

2011 Panic Writing (complete with panic button)

2013 Poetry Snippet (at the bottom)

2015 What I learnt during edits

And now the fun bit. I get to tag some friends to follow it up. But unlike previous blog tours, I don’t have to ask them in advance. COOL! (I don’t feel bad about that, because this is a really interesting/insightful blog tag. And it’s good to reflect on your characters.)

I tag Karen Collum and Katrina Germein. They’re both wonderful writers and longtime friends – and they’ve both got new books coming out this year, so I’m sure they’d love to share snippets of their characters with you! Watch their blogs over coming weeks, to see if they take up the challenge!


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