A Contract and Kayaks

I have good news! After such a wonderful experience publishing ‘Bully on the Bus’ with UQP, 12 months later I’m thrilled to say we’re doing it all over again!

‘On Track’ is a middle-grade verse novel about two brothers in pursuit of sporting excellence, battling the angst of sibling rivalry and self-doubt.

The contract is signed, and with an early 2015 release planned, I suspect I will be very busy between here and Christmas! And yes, it’s with the lovely team at UQP. I can’t wait to begin work on edits.

In related news… A little bit silly. A big bit spontaneous. But totally unregrettable. I spent my advance, less than 24hrs after it was paid into my bank account!

We stumbled upon a terrific sale on kayaks, and with two teenage boys, a lovely big dam, and relatively close proximity to the beach (and because we’d been dreaming about getting one, but the price was so good, for very little more, we could get four) we bought a family set of sea kayaks.

The Old Town kayaks that hubby and I have are lounge-chair comfortable, stable, and so light/easy to propel through the lilypads. But what I like most is, you’re laid-back and not in a position to see all the spooky shadows and things that wash underneath as you paddle along. I have a little bit of a vivid imagination about things underneath me in the water… but what you can’t see, can’t hurt you… right?

I’m thinking the kayaks will be a good investment in my writing, because what could be more relaxing and inspiring than a gorgeous vista in the cool of evening?


And what could be nicer than enjoying it all with my family?
(If I can just keep those boys from tipping me out!)


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