Author Visits & Awesome Schools

This term has been a wonderful celebration of books and creativity, with so many different schools and children – and at other community events. I wish I had more photos to show you – the interactions, engagement, creativity and achievement. And the gorgeous costume parades that many schools marked the day with. They were awesome! Alas, I was so busy, I usually forgot to take pics! *sad face*

One of the highlights was seeing the teachers getting into the spirit of things – and not just the primary teachers, either. Huge cheer for the secondary teachers who celebrated a love of literature (and dress-ups) with their students – and also played with the different poetry forms. Yes, even the man-arts and maths/science teachers. You were all awesome!

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The wonderful thing about author visits is that the activities I’ve been doing with teachers and kids to inspire creativity in the classroom… inspire creativity in me! Which means, I’m now going to go and WRITE something! 😀



  1. Haha. You did well to spot yourself. Methinks your people may not recognise you, if you don’t tell them. (That was my son, being helpful with a camera in the distance. So good of him to snap a pic or few for me.)


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