On the Road Again…

The yellow ‘Bully’ bus has hit the road again, this time rolling up at the Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale, in Gladstone, for more launch celebrations.

The book was launched by Robyn Sheahan-Bright, President of the Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale; lovely, generous lady, and a font of wisdom in the children’s publishing world. Robyn read a draft copy of my Bully on the Bus manuscript (four years ago, as Robyn reflected in her speech), and offered invaluable feedback in many areas, but most significantly, in freeing my creative wordplay, which, for some reason I had nipped in the bud in earlier versions. It was a real treat to hear her thoughts on the finished book!

The ice-cream cake to launch the book was FAN-TABULOUS! So many gorgeous colours underneath that lovely Bully cover! And wonderful to share it with so many people who have impacted on my writing journey.

Enough words. Here are some pics of the day. You’ll see that sneaky Bully/Wolf has made an appearance again. But she’s trying very hard not to be nasty! We even had our very own lovely BUS DRIVER roll up for some cake and photos.


Thank-you to the members of the Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale committee, who nurture local writers, and inspire a passion for literature in the children of the Port Curtis Region. Your efforts are appreciated, and invaluable!



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