Month of Poetry 2014 Wrap-Up

Month of Poetry is over for another year – and on the blog was another awesome bunch of poets who connected, encouraged, extended and amazed, sharing their words so exquisitely honestly.  It’s always awesome to be a part of it, and to know that in creating this family-friendly space, I’m nurturing other writers, and giving back to a community that has given so much to me. January is the busiest and chattiest time of my writing year, and I love it!

I wrote a lot of varied poems this year, some that I’ll be polishing and sending out on submission soon, but I also made a solid start on my new WIP – another verse novel, but this one waaay out of my comfort zone, because it’s written for the YA audience… which is a totally new age group for me… and also going to ask for more words than I’ve ever written before.

I was very hesitant to post a lot of the poems related to the verse novel. I felt so raw… so vulnerable… each time I posted. Then was moved to tears (and excited yelps) many times with the wonderful, honest, and touching feedback I received. I had not expected the story to immediately resonate with others. Feel priveliged – entrusted with a precious gift – to have shared the experience of writing these initial stages with such a beautiful bunch of writers… of friends. My heart is full of gratitude.

To make a busy/productive month even BUSIER… I was also caught up in the task of checking first page proofs, and proofreaders copy, for my younger reader’s verse novel, Bully on the Bus, coming out in July this year with UQP. So exciting! And I’m so very thrilled with how it’s looking. It’s been an absolute pleasure working the UQP team.

And to top off a busy month, there was also an interview with Jodi vande Wetering on Rebecca McClaren’s ABC Qld Afternoon Show, where I got to talk about Month of Poetry AND  Bully on the Bus… I’ll let you know if the link is posted online. I’ve tried to put it up on the blog, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like MPEG files…

A climbing poem to finish, with thanks to Mary Lee Hahn who shared her own on Day 30, with a link to the instructions. Who could resist? This was my last poem for the Month of Poetry.

Climbing #MoP14

First of the first;
New Year burst through.
A thirst for words
versed (of birds, dogs
school, nerds* and more)
girds rapport. We
adored; immersed.

©  Kathryn Apel 2014

* Not as nasty as you may think. One of MoPpettes was a self-confessed word-nerd – and she versed it. 🙂



  1. Thanks again for a fabulous community of inspiration, Kat. I’m excited for your books and look forward to trying this interesting form. Keep us posted!


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