Christmas Gifts

Our lads were very industrious between end-of-school-year and Christmas Day, with countless trips back and forth to the work shed, and a few consultations in between, as they worked to produce these amazing gifts!

Made by busy boys for Christmas.

Made by busy boys for Christmas.

1.  A lightweight guinea pig hutch for me to bring little visitors inside. Younger lad’s idea. Elder lad’s design and mostly the eldest’s manufacturing, with the youngest doing the paintwork. (Dad cut the base board.) I was blown away!

2.  Wooden box with inset knife sharpening stone made by eldest for Dad.

3.  ‘Tech-Box’ named lanyard by youngest for his big brother.

4.  Boot tops by youngest for Dad and Big Brother.

5.  Chain mail belt by eldest for Dad. (Eldest is in the process of making a full chain mail suit, as his school holiday project, but that’s another blog post.)

6.  A medieval dagger/sword made by eldest lad for little brother – and given somewhat sheepishly, as neither hubby nor I knew anything about this one!

7.  (Not pictured) A CD compilation for the grandparents, with 40 minutes of strings music from the various performances throughout the year.

There was heaps of joy in the giving – and receiving – of these wonderfully personal gifts. How blessed we all were!
All the cute!

All the cute!

Our gifts to the lads was a little tricky to wrap, so I gave them cryptic clues for them to solve first…
Can YOU guess what their gift was?

Can YOU guess what their gift was?

Any guesses?


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