Belated Book Week Post

Last week I had a skype visit with the Reception class at St John’s Grammar School in Belair, South Australia.  They had only started school four weeks earlier, and I was very impressed with their beautiful listening and excellent questions!

I usually have props that kids can use when I read ‘This is the Mud!’, but South Australia is a long way away, so I had to be a little bit silly and get into the act myself this time. Which is why I’m wearing cow horns/ears in that photo.

Kat - the cow

Thank-you Ms Germein for inviting me to visit your class, and for having your group so beautifully prepared in advance. It’s always lovely to talk to a class that has already read and enjoyed your book!

Cover Colour



  1. Thanks, you punny thing. 🙂

    I had lots of lovely thank-you notes arrive in the mail last week. What clever little kids they are with their writing, colouring and drawing. Soon they’ll be making their own picture books, I think!


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