International Book Giving Day – Bundaberg East State School

Bundaberg East State School was very much affected by the Burnett River flooding in the wake of Cyclone Oswald. Many classrooms were inundated and the school grounds and play areas were covered in mud. There is still a lot of work to be done, and lots of enthusiastic people who are stepping up to do it. I was in Bundaberg on the day school started back at East – almost 2 weeks late. I spent the day helping Year Ones settle into their classroom, and I read my muddy book with one of the classes. The kids have seen a lot of mud around Bundaberg in recent days – many through their homes. It was good to be able to share a bright, colourful story with them, that looked at mud from a different perspective. Warren, your gorgeous illustrations were greatly admired and appreciated!

Kendall's Flat - an East Bundaberg sporting field.

Kendall’s Flat – an East Bundaberg sporting field, now covered in thick, caked mud.

As a part of International Book Giving Day – and just because I wanted to from the depth of my heart – I donated copies of This is the Mud! and Fencing with Fear to the East State School, to let them know I care, and to give them a book with a FUN muddy experience. The fact that Year One is ‘On the Farm’ during this first term made it doubly triply appropriate to their class.

Thank-you 1R and 1A for letting me work in your rooms today. I’m sure you’re going to work hard and make heaps of progress this year!

Year One - Bundaberg East State School

Year One – Bundaberg East State School

International Book Giving Day is 14 February 2013 – but the giving can take place any time in February. Anyone can take part – and it’s not too late to register, or to gift a book. Your gift will help a child feel loved – and maybe even start a love affair with books. Click on the poster below for more information. I have more muddy books I’m giving to other flood-affected community groups. Because reading is fun and reading takes you places. And sometimes we all need a little escape from reality.




  1. I too am I fan of spreading the love of reading and am looking forward to International Book Giving Day. While at the post office the other day, my two girls and I chose one of their book packs to take up to the children’s section of our local hospital on Thursday. It was wonderful that you were able to visit Bundaberg and share your lovely books with the year one children.


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