Month of Poetry 2013

It’s January – and this is the sixth year I’ve started with a poem a day – the fourth I’ve co-ordinated a Month of Poetry. It’s also the first year I’ve been able to wear the co-ordinator’s hat and work on my WIP at the same time. WIN! I love the progress I’ve made, also the poetry that has inspired me on the #MoP13 blog. Such a diverse group and so talented! The daily collections on the blog are locked, but I’ve selected a couple of my poems to share below.

Stone the Phone!

If ever something
makes me groan
it is the wretched
mobile phone,
that rings attention
with a tone,
dispelling thoughts
of time alone.

In the change room,
on the throne,
at play, at ease,
when lying prone,
its shrill demands
are soon made known;
a body’s heart
and soul to own.

Inspired by David Harrison’s post about Careerhymes;

Grazier; a cow cocky –
not a blocky
always on the go
watching grass grow.

Patient: one who waits
as sickness abates.

A spot of cooking in the country prompted this tongue-in-cheek poem;

Moist Date & Carrot Muffins

There’s weevils in the flour.
Have they eaten much, you think?
And the sour cream is mouldy,
with a more-than-sour stink.
The egg has hatched a chicken
though it’s only just a speck.
Should I use a shriveled carrot?
Cause I’m thinking, what the heck.
We haven’t any dates, of course;
that’s really such a shame!
I think I’ll substitute with prunes
and hope they taste the same.
Use ½ a cup of oil they say…
Well there’s no need for that.
The oil might make the muffins moist;
it’ll only make me fat!
The oven’s on the blink again;
I cannot shut the door,
and those flames around the element…
Have they been there before?
The timer hasn’t rung yet.
I wonder if it’s stopped.
My muffins. Oh. The wretched things.
I do believe they’ve flopped!
I googled for a recipe
but Google makes mistakes!
These moist date carrot muffins
would be better called rock cakes!

My first sestina was a stumble… not worthy of sharing… but thankfully it didn’t break my brain like last year’s first sonnet did. And doubly thankfully, this year I wrote two sonnets in a day – and it hardly hurt at all!

And finally… Just a tiny snippet from my latest WIP. This is written from Shaun’s POV – though in fact much of the work is written from Toby’s POV. In a-maz-me news, my verse novel (which hasn’t even scored a working title as yet) has this month shattered the 10,000 words – which for me was a major milestone! *Insert party poppers and fireworks here.* It’s currently sitting at 10,450wrds… and I’m stoked! 😀


Toby is a klutz – can’t keep
his hands on anything;
drops the ball
trips over his feet
and bumps and slumps
the day away.
I wish people didn’t know
he’s my brother
but it’s a bit hard to hide that
in a small town small school
where everyone knows
everything about
your mother’s brother’s

I wonder what the rest of January will produce…


All poetry on this page is © Copyright Kathryn Apel 2013



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