Christmas Cheer – a poem

Christmas Cheer


Busy elves and Santa Claus,

mistletoe ‘bove festive doors,

Christmas tree, bedecked in lights,

tinsel, bells and festive sights.

Party foods; fizz and pop!

Lists of gifts; shop ‘n drop.

Credit cards and Lay by now!

(Pay it later, don’t ask how.)

Bon bons, parcels, cards and more…

What is all the mayhem for?!?!?!


Starlit night of long ago,

softly bathed in lamplight glow,

in a stable, life begun;

helpless Infant, Mary’s Son.

Shepherds tending to their flock,

donkey, hens, and other stock,

gathered at the rustic door…

Baby, nestled in the straw.

Simply, sweetly, less the fuss

He was born for each of us.


© Kathryn Apel 2003


Wishing you a blessed Christmas! xx



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