Review: Troggle the Troll

Troggle the Troll is a delightful story about a would-be vegetarian troll. The story has a touch of grim, with the Troll family devouring people… every single night! But the alliterative menu sounds divine, and the illustrations are so bright, colourful and cutesy-fun, that I’m sure kids will have a real giggle from the Troll family’s meals.

As for the ending… it was delicious and wholesome, and though a little deceptive, I’m sure it will delight child and adult alike.

Publisher:  Random House Australia
Author:  Nick Falk
Illustrator:  Tony Lowe
Released: December 2012
ISBN: 9781742756011
RRP:  $12.95
Review copy supplied by Random House Australia

One comment

  1. Hi Kat, that sounds so simple and colourful that it ought to have been written ages ago. It seems so different from everything else on the market, I can’t wait to check it out 🙂


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