Madness – Round Four

Round Four. In truth, when Ed asked us at the start of the tournament where we thought we’d finish, I didn’t expect to make it this far. I think that may be why I’ve second-guessed every poem I started this round! I’ve written four… started more (!!!)… polished two.

This is my first. I hope my second is better – because it’s the one I entered for the Madness, over at Ed DeCaria’s Think Kid, Think site!

Make sure you head across and vote. Just four match-ups to be decided in this the Regional Finals. I’m up against the talented Suz Blackaby, with the hilarious avatar pictured above.

I’m posting this (non-competitive) one here for those who know the stress of the blank page. As a writer, I feel it, especially in pressure situations, when I’m writing to a timeline… and Madness has definitely been that!

The pressure of the ticking clock made me think of our (Australian) Yr 3/5/7/9 students with their NAPLAN testing. This one is for you!


Probing a Poem


The pendulum swings
passing time
as poetry eludes
my rhythm
… rhyme.



………Blank page!



I probe

pencil or pen?




peruse placement of print on page…

…………………………………………….a poem!


© Kathryn Apel 2012


The blank page IS daunting. But you have the words inside that tell your story – or state your opinion, as the persuasive case may be, with NAPLAN. The only way to overcome the blank page is to write. Pick up the pen and probe your idea.  🙂

* My word for this round of Madness is indeed probe.

**  Don’t forget to head across to Think Kid, Think, read all the great match-ups, and vote!!




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