A Match Made in 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day. Not something I would normally  blog about. But this year, is worth an exception. Because 2012 is the Australian Year of the Farmer and the National Year of Reading and in a household where he is a farmer, and she is an author – I guess that means 2012 is our year!   


 The Catastrophic Cattleman

They say a cat has nine lives, so with relief I tell –
My husband scored a cat’s name and gained nine lives as well.
For Felix is a grazier and his motto seems to be
“Don’t panic woman – chances are, it won’t happen to me!”

If only it were proven so, perhaps I could relax,
But sadly, hubby makes this speech forgetful of the facts!
Take horses! – As a cattleman he’s mounted quite a few
And regrettably, with riding, he’s had countless busters too …

An excerpt © Kathryn Apel 2003
(I can’t include the full poem, as I’ve learnt heaps about writing in rhyme since then!)

H♥ppy V♥lentine’s D♥y to my hubby, Felix, The Catastrophic Cattleman, who started me on this writing gig and continues to inspire me with invincible exploits of a man on the land. Just for the record;  I’ve got heaps of my own ideas – so no more inspiration! You can start saving some of those lives. 🙂

Thanks to twitter, I also know that today is…

Gotta l♥ve that!



  1. A poem to honor your husband, you are a good wife… and a talented one.
    I met your parents last weekend when we were guests at their church in Gayndah. We had a truly blessed time both in church and social fellowship.


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