January Month of Poetry – Done!

The wonderful learning and connecting that is a Month of Poetry has finished in a flurry of activity on the blog. So much chatter among participants. Such wonderful camaraderie and discussion. We were buzzing!

So much so, having already written one serious/heartfelt/bring-me-to-tears poem earlier in the day, in the space of 50 minutes at 10pm I wrote another… and of all things, it was a sonnet! You remember my struggle with the sonnet? Who would think I’d write THREE in the month – and one in less than an hour from startling idea to posted poem.

It started with this innocent comment on Day29; “I think you just verified my theory. About always a writer.

Which inspired the sonnet, the principle of non-contradiction from #MoP participant, @_Camer0n. (2020: Alas, the link is now broken, so you can’t read it.)

Which fired my response;

Contradicting the Principle

If a bear goes slumping into hibernation,
then is it still a bear while it sleeps on?
If bees continue with their pollination –
then Honey, where’s the bear now? Is it gone?

Is a dormant bear no more a genus bear?
Or is it stuffed like Teddy, in repose?
And would you like to be the one to bear
glad tidings to the bear. “Hey, Grizzly. You froze!”

A bear will have its sunny days to shine,
creative in pursuit of sweets sublime.
But in slumber, there’s no need to redefine;
in relaxing it replenishes. No crime!

We all have times in life where we must rest,
but a sleeping bear is still a bear, if pressed.

Which prompted @_Camer0n’s If wishes were horses;

My final word – timed to squeeze in just before midnight and therefore BE the final word! 😉

Beary Talented

A bear who is inspired
by a passion deep within,
will always be a writer
if the words are part of him*.

Though he sleeps a winter slumber
to inspire the words once more,
Bear will always be a writer.
Hear him dreaming? Hear him snore!

* We are overlooking this near-rhyme, given the lateness and the rush.

Quite obviously, we were both winners. Because we both found words we didn’t know we had, in a very short space of time. For me, that unplanned little flurry of words was the perfect way to finish a fantabulous month!

Thank-you Cameron – and thank you to ALL the wonderful participants in the Month of Poetry. So glad I could share it with you all!


    • I think the sestina might be next year’s MoP challenge, Carolyn. We’ll see. But for now I’m writing a month of haiku, and I’ve heaps of other writing things to catch up on – starting with some submissions! 🙂


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