January Month of Poetry – Wk 4

In the middle of a Month of Poetry, this was my week of poetry. For two days I took poetry workshops with school kids, in preparation for our community Australia Day celebrations, where I was asked to organise a poetry competition to take place on the day – just for fun.

Alas, I had to make an abrupt exit from the celebrations when our road flooded, so I’ve very glad the competition ran smoothly. I’m just disappointed I wasn’t there to enjoy it!


Australia Day 2012

The day was blissfully
silent –
an echo of
earlier years before the
road became a thoroughfare
and trees buzzed with

In the afternoon
we went to check
the flood waters;
A 200m section of road
still submerged;
still water.   .. 

The 4x4s and the foolhardy were starting
to cross.
We watched a Landcruiser
wade in, closely followed by
a small red car.

The  ‘Cruiser burbled towards us
pushing a wall of water in front.

Slowly and surely the two vehicles
rose out of the water,
attached by a snatch strap.

On dry road, the ‘Cruiser stopped.

Bump. BANG. Crash. Clang.

The little red car stopped.



Doors opened.

Did you just drive into the back of me? You idiot!

Two Aussie blokes,
boys really,
met in the middle
with Tooheys in hand
and inspected the union
of 4×4 and
little red car;
wedged as one,
towball to grill,
snatch strap

It was hilarious!



And yesterday…

by waves on inland
boat crests wake


Word of advice:  Don’t cross flooded roads.

In both these instances, not only did drivers place themselves at risk by driving through road closures, but just 5km down the road they encountered deeper wider floods. Mate, if the locals are telling you to turn around and go back… GO BACK!



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