School Visit at St John’s, Bundaberg

Author visits to schools are great fun! At a recent visit to St Johns in Bundaberg we;

      • Dramatised ‘This is the Mud!’ (Prep/Yr1)
      • Wrote shape poems (Yr2/3)
      • Wrote haiku (Yr4/5)
      • And performed poetry (Yr6/7)

Dramatising 'This is the Mud!'

Who knew I could pull a face like that?

George Yr 5

deep water
still and calm
the trees looking at themselves


Mackenzie Yr 4

tall trees
still water
reflect the sky

Wearing different poetry personas.

Shaping a cat poem.

I get a real buzz out of author visits – and that’s the truth! Sharing a passion for words and story with children and seeing them catch the excitement, is a joyful inspiration. I’ve got to say, though, those St John’s students were exceptionally well behaved, with wonderful, informed contributions to the discussions, and beautiful creativity. A pleasure to work with.



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