A very rough ride!

Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Last week was torrid – riding the rollercoaster of fears and tears in what one doctor accurately described as, ‘a very rough time’. (For him and us!)

A complicated medical procedure for a near and very dear family member went a little awry, and for too long we were living a nightmare beyond anything I’d imagined. 

Our God of miracles was ever constant and comforting; family and friends supported with actions, words & prayers; the staff of Wesley Private Hospital were caring, concerned and compassionate – and we can’t speak highly enough of the surgeons, gentle in word and action, healing with hands and hearts. (There was also a robot in the mix, though I don’t believe it ever really ‘cared’.)

The road is likely to be a little bumpy still this week, but much progress has been made. So much so that I have now headed for home (a little later than first planned) and was this morning reunited with my boys. A few tears were shed – by me! – but they seem to be fine, if a little bit scruffy around the edges. 😉 Hubby has done well!

I’m finding it surreal returning to the real-world after the all-consuming trauma of last week. I talk of ‘next week’ which was last week, and don’t really know how to answer when people blithely ask, ‘How are you?’ How am I, indeed!

I’m well. And thankful. And tired. And emotional. And if you ask me ‘How are you?’ it’s possible I’ll cry and cry and cry… But really, I’m okay!

It has been a very rough ride – but we’ve not travelled alone. We thank God for His comfort and healing presence, and His forethought in providing so many caring people to share the journey.



  1. Oh Kat – my heart broke for you when I read your post. So much emotion -your own heart was in every word. I pray that your healing continues and your family gathers strength from each other. And I hope and pray too, that soon there are rainbows – lots of beautiful bright rainbows to light up your world. Take care – and loads of hugs.


  2. Poor Kat; I know the last week should be next week thing, alas. No doubt you have already been given this advice heaps over, but don’t leap back in the saddle too fast. Things sometimes just have to work through your system.


  3. Sorry to hear about your tough time Kat but good to hear you had the right support through it. Tough times are testing particularly when loved ones are in pain and we feel helpless to help. Thankfully we are not alone. Thoughts and prayers with you, Dale


  4. Kat,
    I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through such a hard time. I know that feeling of being bombarded with too many emotions and still having to function. Bet your boys hugged you tightly when you got home.

    Thinking of you and lots of positive, healing thoughts for your family.

    Alison. xxx


  5. Dearest Kat,
    I am there with you in thought and prayer, enveloping you with love and strengthening you with energy. Take very good care of yourself. Allow yourself time out to think, to let your mind wander to other thoughts away from the reality of where you find yourself. It’s ok to do this. In fact it’s healing. Then when you are again needed to be ‘present’, your soul and mind will be replenished ready to nurture and care for your loved one again, ready to move forward.


  6. So sorry to hear of your difficult week, Kat. May God shine his light on you and yours so that this time will pass quickly. *Hugs*


  7. Your loved one is so blessed to have you, caring, healing and loving. You have the support from God and the angels and I send you and your family healing energy. Remember to take care of yourself, dear Kat. Much love Ali xoxox


  8. Thank-you for the beautiful messages of love, support and reassurance. I read and appreciated each and every one of them – of you! xx

    The patient is steadily progressing through every complication known to doctors (and some not previously known) but the devoted care of medical staff (including many ‘bigwigs’ brought in from different specialist areas) has never waivered and last night I spoke to the loveliest of surgeons, who believes we may have turned the corner, at last.


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