Lots of Cute Things!

It’s been a month of cuteness and new babies.

To start with, we traded our teenage boy (guinea pig!) for a teenage girl. I called her Tarym – my rat. Because she looks like a cross between a rat, and a feral pig. An unlikely, cute combination.

Then we had much sadness, when KitKat’s guinea pig died. After 10 days of empty arms and sad boy, it was time…

On Tuesday I went to the pet shop and bought this sweet, soft little guinea pig. For KitKat.
He loved her. He called her Ava-lanche.
But that’s not the end of the story. (Oops.)
On Thursday I went back to the pet shop to buy shampoo for the guinea pigs (Ava-lanche smelt so nice!)
and while I was there, I saw this…
And she was SO CUTE…
So I kept her!
I called her Chiminey… or ChimChim. (Thank-you Mary Poppins.)
So now we have four girls… (pictured) and one boy. (Not in this pic.)
But that’s not all!
Today hubby sent me a text. A list.
                        • calf starter milk
                        • calf teat
KitKat has been on a 12month-or-more campaign for a calf. He even wrote a business proposal to Grandad, when Dad failed to produce. (It’s funny how there’s never a poddy when you’re actively looking… until today.)
This afternoon, more cuteness arrived. He’s very young… I hope he’ll be okay.

KitKat loved him!

So did the Jonty puppy.

It is possible that Jonty thinks it’s HIS calf…

It could be he is right.

Atleast the calf won’t be cold at night.

And his milky lips will be very clean.

There are lots of cute things at our house! 🙂

And that is all!!



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