Coming Soon… writeoncon

Last year, with thanks to Twitter, I heard about a free online writer’s conference;  writeoncon. It was the inaugural event and it was a resounding success. I know. I was there. (I was here.) And I loved it.

This year they’re back, and offering MORE awesome opportunities; live events, recorded webinars, critiques, competitions, community and much MUCH more!  

It’s all happening next week, 16-18 August. Quick. Jump across now and read all about it HERE. (Remembering that events are in American time – so if you’re an Aussie, you’ll be needing to have a good alarm clock, and plenty of sleep in advance!)

Writeoncon is worth every cent you don’t pay. It’s a wonderful opportunity for writers around the globe and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Thank-you to the wonderful (entertaining) bunch of authors who pull it together, and their supportive list of agents & editors, authors & illustrators who participate. Looking forward to bumping into you around the forums and chats next week. You’re awesome!




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