Spot the Muddy Difference


For some time I’ve been wanting an simple kids’ game on my site, linked with my books.

…………….Dum der dah… *Drum roll and pause for effect* 

With the help of my friend, Madeline Barr, today I have it! An interactive game of Spot the Difference, using photos and cover illustration from ‘This is the Mud!’.

You can find the game in the Kids’ Stuff tab above, or in the sidebar of every page of this blog. And for this post only, you’ll also find it… right here!

Click & Play

Just click on the pic to play – wherever you find it.

A huge thank-you to Madeline for putting it together for me. And now that you’ve played the game, you should click across to the Media Barr website and check out Madeline’s great offer!


    • Haha! And if you don’t get all five, you don’t progress onto the next page! Page2 is even trickier!!! But it’s nice and simple on Page3. I really had to laugh at my son on Page3. He had 4 differences and could not find the 5th. (If/when you progress to that page, you’ll perhaps see why I was laughing… #red)


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