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Blue Whale PoemsMy writing buddy, Sheryl Gwyther, just discovered some links to my Big Blue Whale poem online. Big Blue Whale was published last year in the Junior Journal magazine, distributed to all Zealand and Pacific Island school children. It had previously been published in Countdown magazine, while Clue to the Blue a poem written the same weekend on the same topic, was published in Comet.

Here’s a snippet of the audio version of Big Blue Whale… Click to listen

Teaching notes are here. Always fascinating to read how it is used/interpreted. Click to read


  1. Wow that’s great Kat.
    When I grow up I want to be just like you. Oh, wait. I already am grown up. I guess I better get writing then. Maybe I will edit some of my old poems and start submitting again.

    Madeline Barr


  2. Brilliant! I couldn’t hear the audio version but I tried to read it a bit on the right. Sounds cute and intensive notes for taking to schools. Did you do that for This is the Mud too?


    • A shame the audio-link didn’t work for you. Mayhaps it’s a region thing… (?) I was impressed with their teaching notes – and have been impressed with every aspect of their publication.

      No – no teaching notes for ‘This is the Mud!’ – but I’m collating a group of activities that can be used in conjunction with it, on my Kids’ Stuff tab.


  3. My pleasure, Kat! Great to hear the audio-link version too – those Kiwis do such a brilliant job with their school journals.
    And this week, I’m awaiting the copies and the audio-link to my story, SCAREDY CROW, out now in this term’s Junior Journal – so exciting thinking of all the little NZ kids, and Pacific Island kids who might be reading and enjoying my little story right now. 🙂


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